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Friday, 3 February 2017

West Leicester basketball competition

On Tuesday we made it through to the regional basketball competition for West Leicester. A tight competition saw us come joint second in our group, but narrowly miss making it through to the semi finals on points difference.

We had a great afternoon, playing four different games, testing our skills out against other primary schools. We scored some brilliant baskets, competed well and came away very proud of our achievements.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

A time for prayer in class 6S

This week we will be sharing class 6S's prayer in assembly, it is rather special!

Dear God,
We are thankful for all of the wonderful and varied things that we have in our lives, from: pets to Jesus to music to Mrs S.

We hope that the people of the World, from Leicester to Lisbon and everywhere in between, will keep working together to find ways of stopping poverty; ways to keep endangered animals protected so that they can thrive as a species and to make every child feel safe no matter who they are or where they come from.
We hope that as we grow, we will become what we want to be: a farmer/psychiatrist or actor* and everything in between.

Help us to believe in you, in hard times, help us to understand that things might go wrong and help us to pay more attention to how lucky we are.


*Subject to change

The Magic Bed and class 1/2S

Fantastic creative writing happening in class 1/2S  this morning, as they explored the retelling of The Magic Bed. To start with they explored the story, then sequenced it and looked at key ideas in the text. This was followed by imaginative role play, that involved beds (constructed of chairs) apprearing all over the classroom. From these the children visited various aspects of the story, all of which consolidated the sequence of imaginative places that the Magic Bed took its occupants to. A superb introduction to enable the children to write their own settings. The buzz and sense of excitment was so great, it attracted me back to see the final outcome!

Writing across KS1 today

I really enjoyed visiting the KS1 class rooms today to see what they were up to.

Their Arctic theme has been fully embraced and the children have been enjoying exploring a wonderful book called The Snow Globe Family. This was being used as a basis for their own writing in some classes, in which the children were exploring what they would like to do and see if they lived in a snow globe. As ever they were very enthusiastic to tell me their ideas and I really enjoyed listening to their creativity.

Of course they finally asked me what I would do in a snow globe, my response was to say that I would enjoy making as many snow angels as possible and find a tree that I could turn into a Christmas tree all year round!

In other classes the challenges were slightly different, not so much about snow but instead the challenge to master their knowledge of alphabetical order and the definition of words. Lots of paper, scissors and glue in action, but they were all willing to take on the challenge.

Friday assembly

On Friday we took the time to explore together a little more about what Jesus meant when he said to his potential disciples 'come and follow me.'

We began by asking class 6M to share what they had learnt about Jesus this week, building on from what we had learnt about John the Baptist last week. A small group of children confidently shared what they had learnt through a visual story map. it was a great start to our assembly and got us thinking about what it would really mean to leave everything to follow Jesus.

Following is a strange thing, and we considered how people do this in many different ways and how in the animal kingdom there are some fantastic examples of this.

I shared with the children the amazing sight that happens each evening in the fields near my house at the moment. Its always starts small, but by the end there are a few thousand involved. The event is caused as starlings gather to perform a murmuration, before they settle for the night in the reed beds. It is as if they have  practised the movements for many weeks, as the few thousand birds move and turn in the sky, all in perfect timing and co-ordination. It would certainly get four tens from the Strictly judges! The event is regularly punctuated by the arrival of a Sparrow Hawk or Merlin, who are clearly seeking an evening meal. The impact on the birds is quite incredible, they bunch into a dark mass, moving as one to provide a natural defence against the predators. Then, finally they bring the show to an end, as if in a preplanned move, all at once they will dive from the sky, following each other into the reed beds, where they remain overnight. It is a truly amazing spectacle.

It struck us in assembly that a decision to follow someone has an impact, just like the birds in the sky. For the early disciples the impact was the decision to leave everything to follow Jesus, it changed their lives and in our moments of reflection we thought about the impact that God has on our lives. Can people see the difference that our decision to follow God makes?

Our final prayer asked God to help us to live in the way that He calls us to, so that others may see and know that we have chosen to follow Him.