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Friday, 15 July 2016

A time to leave

Its been a very emotional and special week as we have taken the time to say goodbye to children and staff that are leaving the school at the end of the term.

These moments help us as a school to remember what is importnat to us and the way in which each individual contributes to our whole school community.

For our children who are leaving us at the end of year 5 and year 6 it is time for them to move on to new things. It gives us great pleaseure to see them ready for this challenge, excited,  a little nervous, but clearly ready to make the most fo the opportunities that lie ahead.

It always seems only five minutes since they joined us - their first day in Foundation Stage a very special memory for staff and parents alike.

In our year 5 and year 6 leavers events we have celebrated all that they have achieved and all that they have given to our school. Encouraging them to take with them the knowledge that we have every confidence that they will continue to make a difference where ever they go.

In our moments of reflection within these celebrations we have prayed that they will know God's peace and blessing as they move on and that they will continue to grow in their knowledge and understanding of His love for them. One of the gifts we give our children is a bible, a guide book for their future where ever they are!

As a staff we have also celebrated the contribution, friendship and difference that our colleagues who are leaving us have made to the school. Each and everyone one of them has been an important part of our team and it is with great sadness that we see them go. But we are also aware that they too are moving on to new things and we know that they will leave with many great memories of their time at St Johns.

Our tradition is to use the following Irish blessing at this time of the year as we ask God to be with each and everyone of us as we move on.

It has been a long week, but a one full of great memories!

Final assemblies

Yesterday we said goodbye to our year 5 and year 6 leavers in two different forms of assemblies.

Our morning focused on our year 5 leavers and our evening celebrated the achievements of our year 6 leavers.

It was great to reflect on the jounrney that both these sets of children have made through our school and to join with their parents to celebrate all that they have achieved and shared with us.

The year 6 celebrations included a dramatic presentation of  Let Loose - a hilarious reflection on school residential trips. The children have worked really hard over the past few weeks with the staff to bring this together. Their acting, singing and enthusiasm was brilliant and we all had a wonderful evening.

As part of our goodbyes, each child is presented with a bible for them to take with them. A reminder that God is with them as they start their new journey. In addition, they all recieve a class photo and for our year 6 children we create a photo book of all their friends for them to take with them.

A very emotional but memorable day!

Today they all become authograph hunters, seekingout friends to sign their school shirt and books. Its a manic day, but it will no doubt produce many new memories.

FS2 visitor

Dr Tobin has been giving scientific talks to FS2 for the last 25 year and we still love every minute. 

Using acid and alkaline to change liquids different colours and showing us that science and magic are very different. We dressed up in scientists safety clothing. We always love his dry ice finish. 

We had comments over lunch that Dr Tobin and Anna were 'epic' and 'awesome'.

Hopefully some future scientists will remember this demonstration for years to come.

KS1 activity afternoon

On Monday we were blessed with sunshine and blue skies - as well as a few clouds, but no rain for our activitiy afternoon.

Children from across KS1 worked together to respond to a wide range of athletic challenges. Teamwork was enthusiatic and there were smiles on every face. Lots of fun and lots of achievments to be proud of!

A big thank you to all the staff who worked so hard to prepare for this and for the parents and other family members who gave up their time to help it all run so smoothly.

Wake and shake for one last time

Our final day at school started with our last wake and shake of the year with the year 6 children leading the way!