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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

The fire of london - a Ladybirds assembly

Yesterday we were treated to the delights of the Ladybirds class assembly on the great fire of London.
We met Samuel Pepys and found about his diaries, heard the baker explain how it all started and were treated to a very creative representation of the fire itself - A little bit of Kasabian and Billy Joel slipped in for good measure!

Music and movement are always a part of Mrs B's assemblies - but slipping in a little bit of rock and roll into the flames was very creative! 

Considering the fact that we are so early in the term, the children had clearly worked hard to learn their lines, all of whcih were so confidently delivered.

Lots of proud family members in the audience and a great  start to class assemblies in key stage 1.

Well done to the ladybirds!

Year 6 curriculum maths

I wonder what your favourite subject was at school?

Year 6 have been doing some data collection to seek out the answer to that question for themselves.

Autumn festival

On Saturday we all enjoyed a great day at the school Autumn Festival, the sun was kind to us as ever and it was great to see so many people gathered on the school field.

A big thank you to all the PTFA members who gave up so much time in planning and organising the event, as well as making sure everything went to plan on the day.

As ever the BBQ was a hugh success, the main stage brought a wide range of musical talent to the festival. The goldfish game was as challenging as ever, as was the complexity of the putting challenge. Coconuts were won, angry birds thrown at towers of boxes and many geusses at how many ballons in  the car were made. Finally of course the tombolla was as popular as ever.

A great day to remember and one that will have once again raised significant funds for the school

A viking assembly by 5W

An image that will last, emanated from the Hall on Monday afternoon this week. 5W were the first class of the year to complete a class assembly and those of us who were there learnt all about the Vikings.

Information on the Vikings kept flowing throughout the time we had which was interspersed with acting and singing. The costumes and props belied the fact that school had only been back a few weeks and the PowerPoint that kept order to the proceedings was masterfully created and presented.
The children had clearly enjoyed putting the assembly on. They particularly took to the song, Viking Rock, and some extremely memorable air guitar work was demonstrated. 

As a keen historian I learnt some new facts from the class and was impressed by the way that they could recount the facts, some of which would have taken some learning to understand fully.
Even the prayer, though short, was to the point, thanking God for the joy of learning about past events, something that is great to hear; that learning is a joy.
An excellent job by Mr W and his class which I know was enjoyed by pupils, staff and parents alike.

Mr P

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

What is faith?

On Friday in assembly we explored the background to Abraham's faith in God. What was it that made him leave his home and travel to new places, why was he so confident that God would provide?

The key we found was in his relationship and knowledge of God. His faith was based on the fact that his personal experience was that God could be trusted. He he seen God at work, an active part of his life and he had learned from this that God was faithful and would honour his promises.

We explored this in some fun ways- considering why we trust different people and how we can be confident that some one might behave in certain ways. This exploration involved chocolate bars, eggs, a marker pen and a tin of beans! If you want to find out more then you will need to encourage the children to share all.

This week we begin to consider the story of Joseph and how God was faithful to him, despite some pretty horrendous circumstances and happenings in his life. Being sold into slavery by your brothers is not something anyone would wish to happen to them, but God used this to bring Jospeh to Egypt, to save the people from famine and to use Joseph to move on the story of the people of Israel.

Hebrews 11 v 1 tells us that faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Abraham and Joseph certainly lived that out and their lives and God's faithfulness to them remains an encouragement to us all.

As our song in assembly on Friday and Monday proclaimed.

10,000 reasons for my soul to sing!