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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

FS2 visit to West Lodge Rural Centre

We had a fantastic day at West Lodge Rural Centre despite the drizzly weather.
The children had the opportunity to stroke a kid, guinea pig, rabbit and chick. We also helped to feed the cade lambs. We walked through the woods and fields were we saw wild strawberries, blackberries and orchids. We enjoyed our picnic and had a ride on the barrel ride which took us through a puddle and also had time to play in the amazing playground.
Thank you to all the staff and volunteers who helped to make this such a fun day out for the children.

Friday, 23 June 2017

The challenges of leadership

This week we have been focusing on how leaders can change and influence our world. This built on our reflections about peace keepers, leaders that strove to change what they saw as unjust through peaceful means.

In looking at leadership we considered some specific leaders in the bible and considered what it was that made them effective in what they did.

Interestingly one of the first points we considered was that it was God that called these people to be leaders and sometimes they were not to keen to take up the challenge! Moses was an example of this, simply asking God to find someone else. God's response was to reinforce his call to leadership, reminding Moses that He would be with him every step of the way. This personal support of any of the leaders that we looked at by God was key to the success of what they were called to do.

Equally the next thing that we noticed was that each of these leaders devoted time to cultivating their relationship with God. Spending time in prayer, listening and talking to God about their concerns, the pressures and the challenges that lay ahead.

I am always struck by the Psalmist's call to be still and know that I am God. There is something about centring ourselves on God that enables us to carry out all the things we are called to do and be. Even within the hectic schedules that we all face, this call to be still is essential.

Jesus demonstrated this time and time again, walking away from the crowds to find a place of solitude and pray. This was at the centre of his life and ministry and so it was for all the leaders we have considered.

That call remains the same to all of us, what ever our gifts or talents and what ever our calling looks like. Remembering that God is with us and taking the time to cultivate our relationship with him is as essential now as it was thousands of years ago.

Spanish day

On Tuesday this week all of KS2 enjoyed a very special Spanish day that had been organised by Miss Kirby. It was wonderful to see such a wide range of colourful dresses and outfits as well as a day full of fun and learning.

A huge thank you to Miss Kirby and her group of volunteers that made the day possible.

St John the Baptist celebrations

Yesterday we thoroughly enjoyed celebrating our  ‘patronal festival’ as we looked at the life and work of John the Baptist. 

As ever the services were led by Sami and his team and included great songs, moments to think and consider our response to God, as well as performances by our Orchestra group and wonderful singing by the children.

The celebrations continue this Sunday when the whole community is invited to come along to St John the Baptist Church for a service of celebration, followed by a party on the school field. So lots to look forward to there.

At the end of the school day children were given the opportunity to give thanks to God through our interactive prayer boat. Wonderful to see so many childrne andadults takingthis opportunity to pray. 

Year 3 stone age day

Yesterday, year 3 had a wonderful time dressed as cavemen, carrying out lots of different activities connected with the Stone Age. The parents had obviously been very creative with the costumes and everyone entered into the spirit of the day.
The children took part in a weaving task, making a beautiful job of one of the playground fences. There was also a den building competition in our forest school area. This encouraged team work and cooperation and was a huge hit! Then there was jewellery making using beads and ‘dinosaur teeth’ as well as lots of other art activities.
The children made ‘stone baked’ pizzas and iced ‘rock’ cakes, as well as making Fred Flintstone gingerbread men.
The day ended with a party where the children played games and of course, ate some of the food they had prepared earlier.
It was such a fun day, enjoyed by us all. We would like to thank all of you for supporting our efforts and hope you enjoyed the pizzas!

The year 3 team